Healthcare costs in America are on the rise, yet as a nation we are sicker than ever.  The economic pressures on traditional medical practices often force practitioners into seeing more patients in shorter amounts of time in order to remain viable.  Medications and expensive surgical procedures have become the norm in addressing most medical conditions.  Preventive practices to educate patients and promote lifestyle changes are rare to non-existent.  Nutrition and stress management are rarely discussed. Patients are often left feeling misheard and lost. Practitioners are equally frustrated in their lack of ability to give their patients the time and attention they would prefer to provide them.

Integrative practice models are emerging to counter this trend.  Partnering with integrative health practitioners can lead to a healthier lifestyle.  Patients are delighted to find alternative treatment modalities that are in line with their beliefs.

Our community-based holistic center blends traditional and non-traditional healthcare services in order to achieve our mission of providing a comprehensive approach to prevention, healing, education and wellness to the greater Charlotte region.

Our carefully selected practitioners will give our patients the time, attention to detail and healing touch to optimize their health and their body's ability to fight illness and heal from injuries.  We embrace the long-standing belief that our minds, bodies and spirits are intertwined and function together for a balanced healthy life.

At the Center for the Healing Arts we have created a practice model that strikes a balance with our mission to provide exceptional quality of care to our patients and the costs associated with achieving our goals while thriving and growing within the community.

We invite you to visit us and learn how integrative medical care can change your health.

Center For The Healing Arts

335 North Caswell Road

Charlotte, NC 28204

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About Us . . .

An Integrative Practice

Serving The Charlotte Area

Featured Services

​Life Coaching​ 

 Our Life Coaching helps individuals to live a more balanced and healthier life in times of transition.  We teach you how to reduce stress and be happier.

Health & Nutrition

We consult with our patients on ways to improve their overall health with physical activities, proper nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Integrative Medicine

 We look at both traditional and natural methods of treating illness and helping the body to heal itself.  This holistic approach promotes better overall health.